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published: Saturday 18 June 2016
modified: Saturday 18 June 2016
author: echo Hales
markup: textile

Meta: Quiet in the blogs


I've been active in real life, I promise :P

Over today (and probably into tomorrow) a whole pile of new blog posts will appear. I've been doing more crazy stuff as per usual, just not writing about it. Now that it's exam time I have a good excuse to procrastinate.


I have not yet managed to wiggle much software dev into this blog. That's a todo. I have a few things to write about that have been in a pile since I started this blog earlier this year.

Site login/signup

I need to add some logs to see how often people fail the signup process. It might be interesting to look at.

Overall I think I should replace my signup system with one where you don't have to do so. Eg you type an authorname, email and message, then that's it. It'll be much more prone to spam but I might actually be able to encourage people into dialog on this site.

Have you tried to comment here before, but gave up? If you don't mind please shoot me a quick email simply saying so. whales@halestrom.net

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