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Evaporative Readme


Everything you do in life has risks. Don't assume that something is without risks because someone has written about it on this website.

In other words: no warranty of any kind is given for the content or services of this site. You should read information from a variety of sources and make up your own informed decisions.


You should be able to express yourself, but kids should be able to read this site and not leave offended. Rather than give a hard and complete list of rules, here are a few examples:

Use your head from there.

By submitting your comments to this site you are publically publishing them. People can and will quote, copy, mirror etc them. If you don't want this to happen, don't submit your comments to this site.


If we have issues with what you write we will moderate (eg deny/remove) it.

We will only ban you if you are blatantly not following the rules or are repeat offending.


You can link to and talk about products/blogs/etc provided:

  1. you are not an advertising company
  2. your writing is relevant to the page
  3. you don't repeat your ads

These rules will probably change pending how things work out.


Please don't send me links to courier comparison sites or the likes. I've had people email me links to these before, and I've tried to follow through, but it turns out they're lying garbage. After you click on the results you discover that you need to be in contract with or be a member of the listed courier companies to get these cheap rates.

If you still want to proceed with these comparison sites: click all the way through to the actual courier company's site, and try to place/calculate an order from any old Sydney address (eg 1 George St, Sydney) to where you are.

You'll find things are not so simple. Stick to Auspost.



Issues with anything on this site? Contact Webmaster Hales at whales@halestrom.net


Copyright William Hales, Creative Commons BY SA (unless stated otherwise). Some things are obviously not my own work: eg shots of other people's work, comments, etc. If you have any confusion then please contact me.

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