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published: Tuesday 27 June 2017
modified: Sunday 23 December 2018
author: Hales
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EDIT 2018-12-23: I'm cancelling this page. Unfortunately I have only ever received queries from a few people overseas, and everyone has run away after I tell them how much the shipping costs. Apologies. Maybe some day I'll re-open this page.

Old version of this page follows...

I collect and repair old equipment, but it's silly for me to try and keep everything. I'd prefer to give this stuff out for free.

Target audience: Anyone who wants to use this stuff and isn't going to immediately try and sell it. Hobbyists, students, etc.

Currently Available

Everything on the table needs a good home (minus the screwdriver!). From left to right we have:

Getting stuff off me

If you're in Sydney: I'm happy for you to pick up in person. I'll only consider delivery if you offer food and/or stories :) I go to UNSW.

If you're elsewhere: happy to ship via Auspost. Please don't send me links to sites that claim better postage rates

Contact me via giveaways AT halestrom DOT net. Remember it's spelt "trom" not "torm".