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last modified: Tuesday 27 June 2017
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I collect more equipment than I can use. Just as my first scope was given to me for free by a uni student whilst I was in high school, I'd like to do the same for others.

Cue stories of me not knowing how CRTs worked, and thinking I had a radioactive scope under my bed. The screen glows!

This is how I got into electronics. I wouldn't have ever done it if the barrier of having to pay for a scope was there, or without the help of those students.

How can I collect stuff off you?

I go to UNSW (Sydney, Australia). Meeting me there to pickup is the best option.

Send all questions and concerns to giveaways@halestrom.net . Don't be afraid to send me an email, there's no such thing as a silly question. Happy to answer anything.

Can you post stuff?

Many of the items on this page are too heavy to post, but if you're really really eager, and calculate the costs using Australia Post , then feel free to ask me.

Please don't send me links to courier comparison sites.

Safety Erratum

I'm giving this stuff away as scrap. When you accept scrap equipment for free, you also accept the full responsibility for any and all consequences. Assume everything on this page is untested and possibly unsafe.

Some of it I have repaired, and I'll point out where I know something is faulty, but all electronics appliances and equipment are prone to blowing up and misbehaving. I cannot give any guarantees. Nonetheless I might be able to help if something goes wrong (I do repair electronics), so don't be afraid to ask.

Currently up for grabs

A1: Ham radio. M8 VHF Transceiver. No idea if it works. Covers for two front buttons missing, but they still work. Rear power connector (I assume it needs 12-13.8V) has an inline fuse holder installed.

A2: Bench multimeter. Fluke 8010A. Works great, I've also replaced with 2A fuse with a good quality SIBA one. Mains plugs directly into the back.

A3: Thermal Conductivity Detector (part of a gas chromatograph). No idea if it works, well out of my league. More info, including detailed photos, available here .

B1: Multimeter, 7080B. Seems to be working. Don't judge it by its looks, it's feature-filled and on par with the other multimeters I use.

B2 and B3: Watt meters. Horrible ones. They're already falling apart, and I have no clue if they are accurate. Most of all: whilst they claim to be able to take very high voltages and currents, there appears to have crap-all protection in their frontends. Feel free to ask questions, but I won't hand these over unless you know how to overcome these problems.

Lathe: home-made, requires 12VDC. Tailstock (bit on the left with the spike) is hand-bolted underneath, can be loosened and moved.

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