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modified: Tuesday 17 April 2018
author: Hales
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Christmas Wrapping

As of yesterday my mum has a much nicer laptop than me. An Acer Aspire R3 11.6":

She's wasting no time rubbing it in.

Let's also just put aside the fact I spent the day before Christmas fixing this damn thing again because it locked up halfway through an update. Who needs the stuff in their /usr/lib folder anyway?

My mother will not win. I will prevail. My laptop will be born anew.

I wonder if matte black book contact material exists, it would be nice to put on the top + insides. I'll probably only be able to find shiny stuff. Even better would be something like 90's era black rubber thinkpad finish.

Any ideas as to what I should cover the top with? Do you know of any clever sources of contact-like stuff or different ideas?

halestrom mum - Monday 26 December 2016

sucker mines better

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