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published: Saturday 5 March 2016
modified: Saturday 5 March 2016
author: Hales
markup: textile

Meta: Site fixes and various reflections

Atom feed dates and duplication, thumnails and post summaries. A few thoughts on the present and future. Soon to be released init system.

Site Changes

Your feed reader will no longer gorge itself on duplicate entries all claiming to be from the same date. I was daftly reading the date of publishing for the front page, rather than the individual blog pages themselves.

Previously the atom feeds had blank entries.

This seems to be some quasi iso-8601 and rfc-3339 subset that is not output by gnu date when told to use either of those formats.

The present

No one has signed up or made any comments. I can only assume that my registration process is so evil that it has become super effective at avoiding spam >:D

The future

I’m about to publish the custom init system I mentioned in my ARM chromebook post. I need to rewrite one tool that it uses to avoid authorship issues, as I have been unable to contact its original writer.

If you are reading this: say hi :)

EdS - Saturday 11 March 2017

Hi! I'm also a Chromebook user, but have chosen to use it in its original rather limited form. In theory I can ssh and VNC to real computers, but in practice it's not great.

Hales - (site author) - website - Tuesday 14 March 2017

Hello EdS!

My Chromebook is now cold on a shelf. The soldered-on MMC flash had degraded significantly in speed and the laptop had started to regularly hardlock when writing large amounts of data (such as during updates). After about the fourth or fifth time this happened (requiring me to manually put my system back to together from a pile of 0 byte libraries) I started looking at new options.

I'm now running a (sadly) x86 platform. I'll write a post on this sometime soon. In fact there's a small queue of things I want to put up here. Somewhere in that virtual queue is also the order of AA batteries that should have arrived for my camera yesterday.

> but have chosen to use it in its original rather limited form

But in developer mode? By memory you could not run your own software (such as vnc clients and ssh) without it.

Trust me when I say that whilst ChromeOS might be an evil environment, so was Arch Linux Arm. I had quite a few nightmares, one of them wiping my laptop, and I was stuck on a kernel version copied from ChromeOS anyway. I tried a newer kernel, several things were broken, and I didn't want to have to track down the options used for my existing one.

I could also complain about my interactions with the Arch Linux ARM devs, but hopefully people have changed since then.

I hope your laptop is still serving you well EdS :)

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